Real estate investments in Lucknow are catching up pace with every passing quarter. If numbers are to be believed, the city of Nawabs have seen around 25 to 30% price appreciation in the last two years. And, the trends are said to increase exponentially. 

For a real estate investor, this is no less than the pristine nectar that will provide remarkable returns both in long and short term. With that happening, the demands of properties will increase and will attract new investments while giving rise to new property trends. 

Therefore, today, let’s explore the city from the investor’s point of view and dig out the best location where the real estate developments are at their peak. 

Lucknow- A City with a historic saga 

Uttar Pradesh is the country’s most populous city with a rich historical and cultural significance. The city of Nawab, Lucknow, is the capital city of the state and is also known as the expressway capital of India (for its numerous massive expressway projects both launched and inaugurated). 

The city has seen over 15% Year-on-year growth in the real estate sector. The major reason for this is the robust governance, fast-paced development, new-age infrastructure development and the city’s ability to attract investment from both Indian and international investors. 

Here are some of the latest developments in Lucknow that are benefiting the real estate of the city:

  • Ring Roads and Green Corridors that connect the old Lucknow city to the Kisan path 
  • Ongoing Ganga Expressway that connects internal regions of Uttar Pradesh. 
  • Lucknow Kanpur Expressway will drastically reduce transportation time between the twin cities. 
  • Metro connectivity for easy city commuting. 
  • Delhi-Varanasi high-speed rail project

Best region to invest in is Lucknow

Keeping the real estate trends in mind, the region across the Amar Shaheed Path has seen widespread development in the last few years. The region has an year on year growth of about 26% since the Quarter 4 of 2022 which is quite higher than Lucknow’s overall growth. 

If you narrow down your search in the real estate of the region, Sushant Golf City comes across as the best area for investing. A smart eco-township that spreads across more than 25 million sq. ft. is a world in itself. The township has numerous real estate developers and hosts their flagship projects with both commercial and residential properties for sale. 

Some of the top projects to look forward to in Sushant Golf City are Rishita Mulberry Heights, Lucknow (residential), Migsun Lucknow Central (commercial), Rishita Manhattan, and Migsun Janpath. 

Which property to invest in Lucknow?

Confused on what property type you should choose to make a remarkable investment in Lucknow? 

Well, choosing the right property depends on several factors and majorly on personal preferences. Hence, the final decisive factor must be taken by yourself. However, it is apparent to understand the basics so you can make the best decision for yourself. 

  • Residential property and its investment 

Buying a residential property has always been thought of as the best choice in India for a long time. It is further classified as a top choice since the risk is quite low. However, if you and investors are looking to earn stable short-term rentals, this might not be the ideal choice. This is because the rental value of residential property is about 3 to 6% per annum, one of the lowest in the world. 

However, from a flexibility perspective, choosing a residential property is a better fit since the residential properties can also be used for personal living. 

Rishita Mulberry Heights, Lucknow, Excella Kutumb, and Rishita Manhattan are some of the top residential properties to choose from on Amar Shaheed Path. 

  • Commercial properties and their investments 

Buying commercial real estate in Lucknow is a great option for those who are looking for a stable income in both the short and long term. Since investments in commercial properties are more logically driven, investments are based purely on calculations. 

The rental appreciation on commercial real estate is about 8 to 12% per annum and the rental value increases as the economy of the region shows a forward trend. Rental durations are longer compared to residential properties and it offers safety and promising returns. 

Some of the commercial properties for investment on Amar Shaheed Path are Migsun Lucknow Central and Migsun Janpath, which are known for their quality construction at an affordable price. 

Over to You

Investing in real estate is a good choice for portfolio diversification. Anyone who wants a stable rental income along with long-term capital gains can invest in Lucknow’s evolving real estate market. With a prime location, easy connectivity, both intracity and intercity transportation, and potential for further development, Lucknow is a growing hub for business and commerce. 

Shaheed Path is one of the best regions to invest in, thanks to its easy connectivity with major destinations of the city and nearby regions. Shaheed Path further connects the region to Lucknow’s International Airport and will be the major logistic corridor for the city.