Finding a genuine flat could be tiresome. Especially after the pandemic, the prices of real estate properties have touched the upper limit.

In tough times like these, a good flat seems like a distant dream. However, property in Lucknow promises exceptional flat quality with exclusive features and a pretty good discount.

In today’s article, we will learn more about Sahu city’s price list and properties, the features it provides, the additional perks, and all other associated aspects of the residence. 

The Sahu city property is an explicit real estate property, located near Sultanpur in the capital Lucknow. It is a well-connected place, connecting various parts of the city.

The Joy of Living in Sahu City

Well, there are 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats, available for sale. These flats are well-designed, properly furnished, and very spacious. These flats have a nice interior design, giving them a blissful touch of modernism. The flats are also doing good in terms of price, according to the Sahu city price list. Let’s check them out.

About 1 BHK:

So, there are three types of 1 BHK flats. Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 flats.

Type 1 BHKs are quite spread across 400 square feet of area. It has two balconies with a bedroom, one living room, kitchen, and a washroom. Type 2 BHKs and type 3 BHKs are completely similar to type 1 BHKs with subtle differences in the position of the destinations.

About 2 BHKs:

The 2 BHKs are also of three types basically, with only structural differences. These BHKs are quite spread across 648 square feet approximately. They have 3 balconies of 90 square feet and two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, and two toilets.

Features of Sahu City

There are some exceptional features this place provides to its residents.

Lush green environment:

There is always a lot of fresh air to breathe in and roam around. This creates a sense of relinquishment among the residents.

Another striking advantage is that you don’t feel like living in a completely urban area, because it has a mixture of modernity and suburban culture together.

Kids play area:

There are specific sites in the property dedicated only for the kids to play and have fun. It is quite nice to notice that they consider kid’s recreation as an important aspect and have devoted areas for the kids to play and have fun.

Interesting apparatus like swings and slides are also there, thereby promoting children to have their share of recreation.

  • Cycling track:

For fitness freaks, there is a huge cycling track, specially dedicated to residents’ cycling. Anyone can cycle there, irrespective of age, and it is quite nice to see that they also focus on the health aspect of the people.

The area is wide open, anyone who is interested is welcomed for wee cycling, or running, etc. The place is sound and it’s quite nice to cycle in the neighbourhood.

Multicultural people:

As the place is in demand, many people across the land want others to reside in it, thus making it an ideal place for hundreds of cultures to reside in. The place is quite nice not only because of the people but because of the existence of various cultures of the country.

Good discount:

The discount price is quite high here. This means that the question of affordability is well answered within the framework. You don’t need to focus a lot on the price, because it is quite less and could be purchased within any limits. Sahu city price list suggests that the rates have still not come down, but the schedule is hectic.

In comparison to other places, it is quite nice to see that the flats are available at a cheap and affordable price.

Park for the residents:

There is a huge green Park as well. You can spend some time there, you can have a wee walk, gossip, move around, play and do other things of your choice.The Park is the best place to spend some time, especially in the morning for a better walk if you just love to caress the beauty of nature.

Shopping complex:

Residents who require their groceries, foodstuffs, or other related perishable items. The shop is quite close to the residence, specially customized for the people living there.So, anyone who is living in the residence requires any sort of items for requirements, can easily fetch them from the shopping complex. Other basic accessories are also available for the residents.

 Amazing power backup:

You never have to worry about power, because electricity is something you won’t strive for in the Sahu city Lucknow. The property has 100% power backup, which makes the place ideal to live in.There are special units that keep the whole apartment quite backed up by power.

High Security:

Security is a mandatory aspect, especially when living in huge buildings and flats. They have CCTV systems all around, in every corner of the complex. This ensures that they have properly devised the residents’ security aspect.CCTV security is maintained from a separate base, which means that everything is controlled well under a fine system, and no one can escape the surveillance.


To conclude with, getting a good residence at a cheap price with all the above-mentioned explicit facilities is quite a tough task to achieve. Sahu city Developers Properties has brought up all this with a concoction of modern facilities for its residential comfort.

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