Popularly known as “The City Of Nawabs” and the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow has seen significant growth in the last few years. With IT and technology companies investing in the region, the expansion of social infrastructure follows. 

This has resulted in new and seasoned investors focusing on the city’s rising real estate. 

Being a central hub for transportation and a part of North India’s history, the city’s economy has always been prosperous. A few industries that are fueling the expansion are manufacturing, technology, and education. The city attracts many students and professionals from nearby towns and cities, giving a boost to the residential real estate of Lucknow. 

Hence, there are several factors on why you should be choosing a residential property in Lucknow

Reasons to Make a Residential Investment in Lucknow

There are five significant reasons why investing in Lucknow’s residential market is a good choice to consider. These reasons are one of the most important aspects of real estate investment in Lucknow, and investors generally make an investment decision based on them. 

These are population growth, high rentals, increased property value, affordability, and future growth. Below is a detailed overview of these factors. 

  • Population Growth: The City of Nawab is growing exponentially. There is a significant population inflow in the city due to the arrival of corporate offices and commercial centres. The need for residential flats is growing along with the working population and rising student migration for better education. 
  • High Rentals: The need for residences is growing along with the advancement of infrastructure. High rentals are becoming possible due to this enormous demand. Investing in upscale projects such as 1 OAK Natura might yield substantial returns on your capital. 
  • Enhanced Property Value: The city has significantly improved the Gomti Nagar Extension, Shaheed Path, Sultanpur Road, Faizabad Road, and Raebareli Road, among other areas. Properties in these areas have seen significant increases in market values. 
  • Affordability: Although living expenses in Lucknow are minimal, the properties there provide modern amenities. Investors in middle-class neighbourhoods or those wishing to purchase a home in the city have a wide range of choices in desirable areas. Purchasing real estate in Lucknow is a wise financial decision. 
  • Future regions: While the most significant areas in Lucknow to purchase real estate include Gomti Nagar and Hazratganj, at the moment, investors are concentrating on brand-new construction along Faizabad Road, Amar Shaheed Path, Rae Bareli Road, Sultanpur Road, etc. 

Best Regions to Buy a Residential Property in Lucknow 

Lucknow has been the capital of Uttar Pradesh for a long time. Given that, most of the areas are already developed and are densely populated. Hence, there’s a need for new development in the other regions. 

Hence, the commencement of the international airport has demanded real estate and infrastructure development in regions that are currently growing. Here are some areas you should consider when investing in Lucknow’s property market. 

  • Gomti Nagar Extension

One of the fastest-growing suburbs near one of the most happening regions across Lucknow (Gomti Nagar), this region is known for its proximity to all the major city destinations. The region’s infrastructure works in its favour, and it hosts many residential properties for sale. 

Rishita Manhattan is an excellent option for investment in Gomti Nagar Extension. 

  • Shaheed Path 

This region is a popular destination for all commercial investments because of its proximity to the Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport. Given that there are ample residential areas, real estate developers are keen on exploring the potential of this strategically located region. Known for developments like Sushant Golf City, Ekana Sports City and world-class malls like Lulu Mall and Phoenix Palassio Mall. 

Some of the best options to consider are 1 OAK Natura and Rishita Mulberry Heights.  

  • Sultanpur Road

Investors who prefer investing near the city’s prime location but also value a peaceful and serene environment can choose to invest in Sultanpur Road. A well-connected region, it has many top real estate developers. 

Some top residential properties in the region that you can consider investing in are Excella Kutumb and Sahu City. 

The closing statement 

Lucknow is one of the fastest-growing Tier 2 cities in India. The city is going through a transformation phase thanks to strong administrative and local governance. 

The major reason for considering a residential property in Lucknow is the rising demand due to population growth, the potential for earning high rental income, infrastructure, affordability, and development in the employment and education sectors. Since Lucknow is one of the oldest cities in Uttar Pradesh and has served as the state’s capital for a long time, it is densely populated. 

However, there are new developments in the suburbs that are close to the city centre, as well has good connectivity to all major attractions. Gomti Nagar Extension, Shaheed Path region, and the region across the Sultanpur Road are some of the best areas of investment.