How to buy a Flat in Lucknow?

Millions of new home buyers from all across India wish to buy a luxury home in Lucknow. But how to buy, where to buy, or what should be the right approach are some of those questions you must address before finalising your purchase.

And if you, too, are looking for an ideal residential apartment for sale in Lucknow but don’t know how to plan for it, you need to clarify your doubts related to these overwhelmingly asked questions. But don’t worry, as you have landed in the right place. Just Go through this blog. Here I have tried to give you a brief idea of what you need to know before concluding your decisions.

How to plan before you buy a home in Lucknow?

No doubt that Lucknow offers dozens of world-class residential real estate projects. But before you search through the sprawling array of real estate projects, you should predetermine the following priorities first.

1. Always Go with a Reputed Builder

If you are interested in buying property in Lucknow, It is highly recommended to prefer with any of the reputed builder lines. Ask your builder to show their work portfolio and then verify every project that he/she is claiming as a part of his/her achievement. Find out his work history and meet some of his old clients so that you can extract real-time information about his reputation and, as well as the quality of construction and servicing. There are a lot of real estate builders operating from Lucknow. But out of this hoard, The Sahu City Lucknow has achieved a special position among the common psyche of interested home buyers, timely delivering luxurious 1 BHK homes for sale in Lucknow and 2 bhk apartments for sale in Lucknow with a vast amount of eye-catching amenities that are being added to provide the highest degree of ease of living.

2. Locational Advantages!

Choosing the right kind of location for your 1 Bhk Home in Lucknow is one of the major factors that you must carefully consider before you make a final purchase. As a smart home buyer, you must choose a location that is closer to schools, colleges, universities and hospitals. Also, do not forget to reconsider the following factors as well.

Connectivity and convenience

Industry near to your location

Residential colonies near you

Hospitals near your location

Institutions in proximity

3. Find a Suitable Home Loan to Ease the Burden!

Do you want to buy 1 bhk flats in Lucknow? Well, friends, no matter what your choice of location is, if you want to buy a home in Lucknow, you may have to invest a gargantuan amount of money, dispensing upon your aspirations. But on the other hand, not every home buyer is necessarily holding that much liquidity all the time. That is why most of the home buyers will have to avail some sort of home loan. You can ask your existing bankers for the required set eligibility and documentation that you will have to show in front of your bank while applying for a home loan. Besides that, It is highly advisable that one must look for bank approved real estate projects as these projects are verified by the banks on the grounds of their financial feasibility. You may ask your bankers to produce a list of bank approved realty projects available in Lucknow. On top of that, all the interest you are paying on behalf of your loan payment is tax-deductible, which can also help you to avail of some tax benefits based on the interest you are paying on the respective loan. So go through detailed research on the varieties of home loan products available in the market. Compare them on the basis of the interest rates and the total loaning amount.

4. Is your property RERA Registered?

What do you do when it comes to checking the legal authentication of an FMCG company. You directly check the FSSAI Lic no. Similar to this, if you want to verify the legal authentication of any real estate in India, just visit the official website of UP-RERA. Check out whether your property is RERA registered or not?

The RERA act ensures that your interests are protected at cost, providing an umbrella of protection to the home buyers while safeguarding their interests in terms of what the developer has committed to deliver. Thus it creates more room for transparency and honesty. So, before you decide to buy a 1 bhk flat in Lucknow, don’t forget to verify its RERA registration. And in case you feel that you are being deceived by your developer, you can also reach out to the grievance redressal mechanism provided by RERA.


Meanwhile, for the desperate home buyers, I have something special in my inventory. Sahu City Lucknow-A location, which in recent years has become a cynosure of all eyes among the new home buying, an ideal residential township situated in the Main Sultanpur Rd, opp. Alpha Public College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226501, offering 1 BHK flats for sale in Lucknow, 2 Bhk flats for sale in Lucknow, and residential suites and apartments in Lucknow, being packaged with luxurious fittings and a vast range of amenities. Sahu City Lucknow is a UP-RERA and LDA registered residential project with respective RERA NO-UPRERAPRJ4655.

5. Find Out the Current Status of Your Property

How quickly do you want to acquire your residential homes? How soon will you move there as a permanent resident? What kind of property are you willing to buy? Are you ready to invest in an under-construction property, or do you want to buy one BHK luxury flat for sale in Lucknow? Find out the answers for all of these factors. These would further help you to determine your priorities with more clarity and allow you to narrow down the funnel by filtering unwanted products.

6. Carefully Calculate the Additional Costs

While preparing a consolidated financial plan for buying a dream home in Lucknow, you must consider adding various additional costs related to property registration, maintenance costs, municipality charges, yearly property taxes. All of these factors will only come into action once you have finished the home buying process. However, you should factor them into your overall financial planning.

7. Know the Government Benefits Available!

In our country, both state and central governments run a variety of affordable housing schemes for the middle-income group as well as for the marginally weaker sections. So if you are a first-time homebuyer or fall under any of the beneficiary categories as prescribed by the eligibility criteria in any given housing scheme, you must go for it. Moreover, as a first time home buyer, you would also be able to avail of tax deduction benefits under section 80c, section 24 and section 80EEA of the income tax act. So make sure you apply for the government-run housing schemes.

8. See Whether Amenities Fit with Your Needs:

Nowadays, Almost all real estate brands promise to deliver luxurious fittings and lucrative amenities along with their standard real estate products. And Lucknow, as a major living destination, also harbours many residential destinations that are offering attractive living spaces fitted with brand new opulent interior fittings and dozens of outdoor amenities, including clubhouses, play areas, amphi theatre, meditation zone, power backups and garter security facilities. So before you book a 1 BHK home for sale in Lucknow or 2 BHK flats for sale in Lucknow, just make a note of the fact that whether the amenities that you are about to inherit from your builder as a part of your real estate deal is going to serve your requirement or not.


sahu city location

For example, if you are a family man and you have kids, it would be a very good idea to consider an apartment which is spacious and also offers green and clean surroundings along with outdoor sports courts and a separate playing zone, specifically dedicated to the kids. In case you have old and aged members in your family, you may look for amenities like meditation zones, zen gardens, Outdoor parks, Yoga rooms etc. However, if you buy fully furnished luxury homes in Shahu city Lucknow, you would not have to worry about fasciitis and amenities. Sahu City Lucknow is one of the most popular residential townships in Lucknow, offering luxury living apartments for sale in Lucknow with a vast set of amenities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, meditation and yoga park, kids play area, garden, maintenance workers, wide-open pathways within the residential building, the central cooling system in every floor, multiple lifts for easy traffic movement and many more, just to cater the needs and requirements of all age groups.